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Ok so I just finished the hardware on a 6x16 red matrix. I have a TLC5940 controlling the 16 columns and the 6 rows are going to digital pins 4-9. I think the hardware is ok but I don't have any way of testing it because I have no idea whether or not the code is actually doing anything. I downloaded the TLC5940mux library but it is so profoundly confusing that I dont even know where to begin. I tried to do just a basic hello world type of thing but nothing happened and I got a ton of errors saying that things hadn't been declared. I don't know if this comand has the right syntax because there aren't any simple examples but it is in the keywords file so it should at least recognize it. What am I doing wrong? Here is my code.

Code: [Select]
#include <Tlc5940Mux.h>
#include <tlcMux_config.h>
#include <tlcMux_shift8.h>
#include <tlcMux_shifts.h>

void setup(){

void loop(){

I changed the pins around in the files to match my hardware but its possible I did it wrong. There are so many confusing things going on here I am completely lost


You need to update the tlc from tlc_set(); functions.
Also use interrupts routing to update the matrix rows.

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