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I've been recently thinking of schematic for an LED Mask/Helmet that will be used at live performances of our Electro-House music duo,
This idea was based off of Electronica Legends Deadmau5, and Daft Punk.
To go for a more iconic look, we plan to hook heavy duty LED set-ups in live performances for a Euphoric display.
I've had basic knowledge with Arduino boards, but I could never quite get the programming right.
This is why I am looking for individuals who are adept at this topic.
I will discuss payment with you or your party if you work in multiples, and I will grant any equipment you require for this.
The initial shape of it would be a slightly lop sided tetrahedron with two sides of LED's, and a power source in the back.
An array of heavy duty, super-bright white LED's would be used to create a "Strobe Helmet Effect".
Not only do we require a helmet but we also would like other apparel to be decked with effects, including EL wire.
If you are interested, Musicdeew@gmail.com where I will explain more and we could negotiate pay.
-Thank You All,
                     MetroCRD   :P


Oh, and also please state what area you are residing in since we are located in Manhattan.
It is preferred if you are in the Tri-State Area/ North-East Coast.


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