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So, a year or so back, i just got a new arduino and hooked it up with the following digram,

Back then, my electronics knowledge was limited, the mosfet being a IRF540 with a 100Ohm resistor (with the wrong pinout, lol).
Not surprisingly it did not work because the pin out was incorrect
So, i immediately disconnected the circuit but now the arduino does not work, i cannot upload any code to it.
Is there anyway to fix this?


Does the Atmega chip get reeeeally warm when power is on? If so, that's usually a good sign it is dead.
If it is socketed, you can buy another and replace it easily.
If you have an duemilanove, you can buy a blank one and Bit-bang a new bootloader into it also.
If SMD, then you're kinda out of luck unless your soldering skills are pretty good.
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Yeah i just swapped out th ATMEGA and its working fine! ThanksQ

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