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..maybe I am missing something but normally I would go with the internal ref source (1.1V or 2.56V) when available..
I would consider Vcc as a ref source as a last option, though. P.


maybe I am missing something

You are missing the fact that this is meant to be a simple introductory system, in a world where 5V is the norm and simple to use.
Adding extra complication for accuracy is not normally worth it.
Of course you can use it when you want, if you know how but it is more complex and 95% of the time not necessary.


This is all good stuff, though.  I learned a ton on this thread.  Also realized that this temp sensor (MCP9700) doesn't exceed 1.1V until way outside the range of temps it will actually operate in, so I could consider INTERNAL.

The interesting thing about Arduino is that it IS made simple, BUT right under the covers is all the power that the AVRFreaks guys have available, all you have to do is figure it out :)

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