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Hi.. i recently destroyed my Arduino Mega and I was hoping that there's a way to fix it... So here's what happened...

So I was trying to run my Arduino off a DC power supply. I had initially set the voltage of the DC supply to 11.5V and plugged it in. I also had a Motor Shield mounted on to my Arduino with a 12 V motor attached... as the website said it could take up to 12V, i decided to increase the supply while it was still connected to the board and I went up to 12.03V.. then a current surge happened and smoke starting coming off my Arduino...

After realizing that i burnt something i disconnected it and realized it was my voltage regulator which was destroyed. So i desoldered it and replaced a new voltage regulator on it.. I was hoping that it would work as the green "ON" light still turns on after replacing the regulator, and it can still run the old program that was already loaded to the board before the accident. It can run the program when powered by both USB and DC supply.

However, when the board is attached to the computer via USB, it cannot be detected by the computer at all even though the green LED turns on, and it immediately runs the motor. I cannot upload any new programs to it due to this. Is there any way to know how to fix this? I believe the chip should still be working considering that the LED turns on.



Hi, I have the same problem with my arduino duemilanove (AT 328).
It's easy to quit the burnt voltage regulator?
Did you replace with the same v.r. model? (because it's superficial soldered...)
Did you changed anything esle?


i used a completely different voltage regulator to replace the previous one.

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