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Produino is currently developing software in Real Studio (realbasic language) to act as a middleman and accept scripts to communicate with an Arduino.

We are building the software, but we need your help!

What is ProPro (Classic = free!):
ProPro stands for Produino Protocol, we want to create software with eighter a fixed Protocol or a Custom protocol wich can communicate with a Arduino! Currently we support Lua scripts (it's in Alpha stage) wich can send any information you trough our ProPro software. We want to keep it totally free, but by using a Commercial product this can be pretty hard. For now, we have a ProPro Classic version wich will remain free for always! We have the project in google code here: http://code.google.com/p/produino-propro-basic/. Anyone can help building by giving ideas. Anyone can help by sending Lua Scripts, help developing new features, giving ideas and find bugs. As ProPro is in Alpha now, we are still adding new features daily.

What does it do?:
ProPro is software wich you run on your Mac, Windows or Linux computer. You can plugin a script (eighter Lua or RBScript for now, more to come like PHP, Windows jScript, Windows VBScript, JavaScript) wich you can set to run in the background (if you gave permission for it). In the background the script executes code wich can get any information from your arduino. You can send it to the web, make it shutdown your computer (you need to give it permission to do so) or let it open your mail program. These are just some examples, the features will go beyond your imagination. What you want it do do, it can do if you help us..

What do we need?:
- Testers to find bugs
- People with interesting ideas
- People with Lua Script knowledge
- People with RBScript knowledge
- People helping to write it on paper and explain the uses.
- Documentation builders (write it using DR.Explain free watermarked software!)
- Arduino protocol writers (you write the protocol, we build the software upon it)

How to help Produino?:
- Send your interest to produino [at] gmail [dot] com tell us what you can, describe your knowledge and sing in.
- We give you access to our google code project so you can help writing it.
- Open up to to world how we should be able to interact with an Arduino from any Computer (Win, Linux, Max) with any script!

The features we are currently building:
- An integrated code editor with syntax highligher
- Lua Script execution (can call Functions from ProPro and ProPro can call functions from Lua)
- Permissions system (user decides wich functions can be called and executed)
- JSON and XML plugin settings (definition yet to be made correctly)
- Plugin overview with on/off mode (switch on/off any plugin)
- Timed execution with date time mode (you decide when to execute the script or how many times)
- Plugin skeleton (still need lua and other scripters wich can define a setup)
- Folder settings, user can decide where the plugins folder is located (or defind the standard).
- Script can have icons (16x16 or 24x24) shown in ProPro
- Many more!

Share ideas, just pop us a message here.
If you already have made some Arduino based protocol and want us to use yours, we can do so but we need Permission from the author.

By the way we are from Holland. So you can speak Dutch if needed trough our email address.
Produino is still a non-profit company wich is using the latest technologies from Real Software here:

Contributors or donators are welcome to decide how Produino ProPro can be when it's ready.

Thanks all,

Edit, now anyone who has something to offer can get into the project.
If you have a google account (gmail) then you can participate in any way!

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