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FWIW, I ended up getting the el-cheapo mini gun. Mainly because it included 3 sticks. The TR550 didn't come with any, and the only sticks on the shelf were bags of a dozen 10". Even if they're cheap, I don't like buying something I'm not likely to use, and I've seen plenty examples of 4" 7/16 glue sticks.

Anybody in Colorado interested in a group buy?

wow...    :smiley-roll:

Yeah, well, in the moment, it wasn't what I was expecting. And no, it doesn't matter whether my  expectations were valid.  :smiley-mr-green: And if you could see the inside of my apartment, you'd be asking, "Where does he think he's going to put those?"
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Walmart has 30 mini gun glue sticks for $2.50 so they should not wreck the savings account , and you probably can store them outside if you don't have room inside.
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