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There's been a lot of requests for people to do paid work on Arduinos lately, mostly (but not all) for whimsical projects like Darth Vader helmets etc.

So I thought I'd see if Arduino has reached the more mainstream job market yet and searched for "Arduino" on one of the main IT jobs sites (SEEK).

Results, zip.

So I guess not yet.

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I bet you in six months that'll have changed, probably won't be a huge number, but I bet you will start to see them pop up (mainly due to Arduino+Android)


Well, I wonder if this is one of those situations where direct employment for Arduino developers might actually be undercut by it's Open Source nature.  A commercial company most likely would want to skip the possible hassles of using "Arduino"- especially any startup that doesn't want to have a boatload of legal troubles and a very angry user community.. I'd be willing to bet such positions would be advertised as "Atmel Developers", "MCU Developers", or "AVR Developers". 

At best, they'd suggest in their ads that having experience "With Arduino, BASIC Stamp, or 8051"

I could be wrong.. but using the name Arduino in the context of a company has implications, and unless what they were making was somehow directly related to the Arduino project, it would probably be easier and "safer" to just advertise for a Microcontroller Applications Engineer.
When the testing is complete there will be... cake.


Maybe, but you can still develop an "Arduino compatible" device with no legal issues, and in that case you would have to use the word in the ad to attract the right people.

OTOH if you are an Embedded EE you'll pick up Arduino in about 20 minutes (if you already know AVRs) so maybe "Arduino" is not the thing to ask for even if that's the intended platform for the applicant.

FWIW I always search for the word "embedded", that seems to return the best results. But there are precious few interesting jobs around from what I can see and the few I have found have been in "a great central CBD location", why the hell would I want to battle the subway or traffic for 2 hours a day? Why aren't there any good jobs in a "nice leafy outer suburb" or a "quite small town".


Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com

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