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Topic: ATMEGA 8-16PU and ATMEGA 8-16Pi are they equivalent? (Read 2596 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi all.
In rs232 arduino part list ATMEGA 8-16Pi listed, can i replace it with ATMEGA 8-16PU?


In older documents they show part numbers for two different temperature ranges:
The ATmega8-16PI works over the 'industrial' temperature range: -40C to 85C
The ATmega8-16PC works over the 'commercial' temperature range: 0C to 70C

The current document shows only one part number (-16PU) and one temperature range: -40C to 85C

In other words the -16PU and -16PI are two names for the same chip.  I think they dropped the "commercial" temperature range and re-designated the "Industrial" model as the "Universal" model.
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