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I found a few articles from back in 2007-2008 where one company announced they'd be demonstrating a round LCD at a trade show for use in cars, but I haven't been able to find any other information or any suppliers.

The reason I ask is there's a project I'm thinking about doing at some point in the future which requires a round display around 3-4" in diameter mounted inside a cylinder.  I could use a smaller display if I could magnify it somehow, but I suspect if I stuck a magnifying glass in front of a display I would have problems with the display being distorted or unfocused and visible only from directly in front. 


This company made a custom octagonal display for a round housing:

Here is an article about Toshiba making round LCDs:

Another article about odd-shaped LCDs:
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You could simply go with a square graphic one and a round bezel on top of it. Then simply limit your character/graphic placement to within that circle.

Or do you want a segmented display (like a speedometer) where it can only display specific information.

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