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How can I send my distance sensor values from arduino to twitter without the ethernet shield.
Please reply,


You can twitter over Internet or over SMS.  You have to get your data to some device that can do either of those.

Can you leave the Arduino connected to an always-on Internet connected PC through the USB interface?
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Yes I can leave my arduino connected to an always-on Internet connected PC via USB interface.
Could you give me the names of programs I need for doing this along with my arduino.

Presently my arduino takes values from the sensor.
It takes values from distance sensor and sends it to the PC via Serial Port 'COM3'
So could you also give me the code to the program that will take the info from the Serial Port and post it on twitter.




This project uses an Arduino to send a signal to a Processing application which then sends out a tweet.  I expect the code can be adapted to your needs.
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I dont really understand how to do all this please explain


Perhaps this will be easier:


You must go to http://processing.org/download/ and download Processing.  It works a lot like Arduino but on the PC side.
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Did you look at the instructable? From the timing of your reply, it appears that you allowed yourself only 10 minutes to attempt to understand it. Give yourself more time. Or ask a more directed question. You could also consider posting under gigs/collaborations if you want to try to find someone to write your code for you.



I got this code on the internet for processing
Code: [Select]
Sketch to fast and easy get processing Twittering. Both sending and recieving

Created by David Sjunnesson 1scale1.com
3 September 2009
more info: http://code.google.com/p/sjunnesson/


import java.util.List ;
java.util.List statuses =null;
Twitter twitter;
TwitterResponse twitterRes;
String username = "vishalapr"; // add your own here
String password = "batchu12345"; // add your own here

void setup(){
  twitter = new Twitter(username,password);
  twitterRes=new TwitterResponse();

void draw(){
  //updateStatus("Hello Twitter, processing here!");
  //updates the Twitter account with the input String
void  updateStatus(String statusString){
  println("Testing arduino-twitter: "+statusString);
    Status status1 = twitter.updateStatus(statusString);
  catch( TwitterException e)  {

and when I click run it opens a small window but does not post my twitter update...Please tell me how to solve this problem.

And the arduino thing forget about it right now as I first want to send tweets to twitter with processing first then I will add the arduino in...


Please tell me how to solve this problem.

A processing forum (if there is one) would be the logical place to start.
Google forum search: Use Google Search box in upper right side of this page.
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But I dont have a processing account please help....Please!


Where is gigs/colaboration

It's another forum on this site. You're posting in the "Using Arduino" section in the "Project Guidance" forum. If you go to the main forum site (http://arduino.cc/forum/), and scroll down, you'll see another section labelled "Community" and there you will see the "Gigs and Collaborations" forum.

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