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So it seems your RS232-to-USB converter doesn't have a FTDI chip. I think I have the same converter, and it uses a Prolific chip (PL-2303).
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Okay so it looks like the machine is installing a driver, as it shows up in Arduino.
I had lots of trouble with XP and an UNO, which only worked after I forced it to use another driver.

One suggestion is to check what the Com Port settings are when it installs, and is connected to the converter.
It is possible that its using Hardware handshaking, which isn't necessary (normally), and the converter may be responding to that.
The baudrate is normally overwritten by the programmer, however you could try checking in the Boards.txt file (...\hardware\arduino\boards.txt), which if I read correctly should be 19200, and set this in the Com Port to see if it makes a difference.

With the previous versions of windows, they tend to treat these things as a serial modem.
If you have a look at this posting, it might be relevant (was for 2k/XP) http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,60318.msg435986.html#msg435986

Hope this helps.


Hi again, Tried adjusting the baud rate for the com port to 19200 like you suggested, I believe it was something like 9600 beforehand. This didn't make a difference though.
To be honest I didnt really understand the rest of your post  :~

I installed the driver Razorblade showed me, and he is correct, It is a prolific usb serial convertor. and it's recognised under windows driver manager. Clicking upload with the blink example sketch, it flashes 3 times, and then once more maybe 5 seconds later, which convinces me it is recognising it, but then it always fails with the same error.

Tried so many different things now, I feel like im going round in circles  =(

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