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How do I customize the code if the content would pass from one array to another array 1 to 1?

Code: [Select]
char* myArray1 [] = {"Big", "Long", "High"};
myArray2 char [];
myArray2 = myArray1;

Something like this?

How do I transfer the array to another function?

Code: [Select]

viod loop () {
myArryInLoop char* [];
myArryInLoop = myFunction ();

char myFunction () {
char* myArray[] = {"Large", "Small"};
return myArray;

How do I clear the array?
Code: [Select]
char* myArray[] = {"Large", "small"};  // I'm full.
... myArray // I'm empty

Arduino IDE is still very poorly documented, there are these functions at all?


Please post technical questions on the forum, not by personal message. Thanks!

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Nick, thank you for this recommendation.

IDE != language

I thought, Arduino is specific. It struggles a bit.


I thought, Arduino is specific. It struggles a bit.

The Arduino and IDE are doing fine. It is you that is struggling.
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