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Two questions:

1.  How do I get it to display line numbers?  The error routine references line numbers, but the window has none.

2.  How do I get it to print?  I hit print setup and it looks correct.  I hit print and I mark  ALL.  It keeps 'printing' all blank pages until I cancel the job.   My printer has been working fine.

I have Windows XP Professional SP3.


1. You can't in the Arduino IDE - use an external editor for the file instead, it's just C++.
2. See above.  Printing appears to be broken in the current IDE.

You can use your preferred C++ code editor for Arduino - just edit the .pde file, and set 'use external editor' in the IDE to have it refresh the file before compiling and/or uploading.


Left Far-Bottom corner does have a line counter, so you can at least move your cursor around until you find the line being referenced.

Personally, I have never found C compliers to give good line-based clues anyway.  It is generally the line with something that finally irritated them, not the line with the problem.
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