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Dear Friends,

I have created a radio-based device called the "RD-11" which attaches to an Arduino and allows you to transmit and receive data between multiple Arduino systems in an **incredibly** simple way.

We create "entangled" variables, going straight into the C++ compiler to modify the way ordinary variables work. An entangled variable is a variable (int, float, byte, long int, or char* string) which is THE SAME VARIABLE in all programs that declare it so, in all RD-11 equipped systems in the area. Modify it at any one, it is modified at all the others!

If any one of them "knows" the value an entangled variable, they ALL know it! (It's done with magic! And a radio and some software too!)

For example, if multiple Arduino/RD-11 systems put this statement into any program:

  entangled_int (alpha);

then the variable "alpha" becomes entangled with the rest of them. If any of them executes "alpha = 47;", then ALL systems will see alpha as 47.

For example, on one system you can do:

  entangled_int(val); val = analogRead(0);

And then at ANY OTHER SYSTEM (in the area, with an RD-11), you can do:

  entangled_int(val); Serial.print("The value over there is "); Serial.print(val);

There is no setup, no config, just connect it and it works. If another system enters the area, they will automatically start "entangling" its variables. All data is packetized, encrypted, error-checked.

I hope u like it! Full description, manual, videos, at: www.swiftEnterprises.biz

Thanks for listening!

Steven Swift.


I like the concept.  Not so keen on the price.


I have just got a bunch of "Rev 2.0" boards back and have lowered the price significantly to move these boards. They are improved, and the software is much more mature then when I first posted this! Let me know (here) what u think!

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