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Yes, size issues. How about scrolling text area instead of relying on the size of the screen?



Dont get me wrong, scrolling is very cool and has its uses, however if you have this on a machine and need lots of readouts on the screen and your hands are busy operating the machine, then you dont want to have to scroll down to see something - ideally.

But yes, a scrolling menu will be useful for alot of things.


Having multiple smaller screens could be an option I suppose, if a RS485 backpack was made for each one - so one serial port can service multiple screens.

In my system I2C isnt really suitable for LCD's as I2C is already tied up doing the backbone. SPI is used for the Ethernet so not really ideal either unless there was a dedicated LCD board, but then all values to put onto the screen would need to be sent from the main processor board over i2c to the display board, which isnt ideal either.

Alot of cases 1 screen will be plenty though.


Just FYI, here is a link to an old post of mine showing the large digits I made in that library.


Agreed. I do have scrolling menu/list with many rendering options :)

You can run two 40X2 displays or 2 20X4 displays with one arduino, just use different EN lines and make two lcd objects.

RE: number, nice and big! Here's my version, not only numbers are large, so are all other characters including letters and symbols :)



Again same set of lcd functions are required.

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