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Hey guys,
   Just wondering if i powered the arduino with a 9V Lithium Battery (input)
   then from the arduino's 5V and ground, connect a 1.5V AA Battery
   then from 1.5V AA connect a Servo Motor, would that mean the Servo would be given 6.5V?

I made a image representation to show what i mean better-

Also did i connect the positive and negative wires to the AA battery properly?

Thanks a bunch guys


You connected the 1.5V battery ACROSS the 5V.  Not good.

Connect +5 to the - side of the battery and the + side of the battery to the power pin of the servo.
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Use a separate power supply for servos and other motors - don't share with the Arduino's logic supply.

A servo is basically a motor.  Motors generate current spikes at turn-on of several amps (overloads the onboard regulator and crow-bars the supply rail reseting the Arduino), and can produce inductive voltage spikes capable of trashing semiconductors if you are unlucky (perhaps this is less a problem with a servo than a bare motor).
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