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Hello everyone.
I don't know if this is the right place to put this post  but couldn't find anywhere else on the forum that i thought suitable.

Anyway.. this piece of hardware is a ( or maybe i should say could be) "all-in-one" solution for keeping track of PH, EC, Orp, RTC as well as an onboard Internet shield e.t.c.. but i have had a seriously hard time getting the software sketches and other information from Practical maker to run it ( feels very Unpractical Maker atm) i got the code for PH-functionality i managed with some tweaks to get it working..  but

..since a month back i'm stuck in the mud with a halted project as i don't know how to hook the rest of the stuff up and he doesn't respond to on any email...

It's mainly hook-up schematics i'm after but every little info about this piece of hadware is appreciated..
( I have the Macroduino and EC sketces but don't know how to hook it up and use them.)

Many thanks in advance.

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