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I'm working on a hardware design and would like to know what PCB material is used for this board.  I'm hoping someone knows the manufacturer and model of the board material.  Thanks!



I don't know the manufacturer but it's easy to find some good and inexpensive pcb manufacturer to make yours.  as for material you are fine with a standard FR4,

Thank You


Thanks for the quick response, but we're actually planning on purchasing official Arduino boards via Mouser. I need the info because UL safety wants to know the PCB composition for certification of our device.



The Mouser catalog page doesn't say much, that's for sure.
All one can find is that the boards are ROHS compliant; the 'datasheet' links just point back to the Arduino.cc hardware pages, which do not say anything about the board material.

Its pretty straightforward to make your own boards (or to work with a knowledgeable engineer who can help you put together a design and bill of materials), then you can specify whatever material you want to have used, make it flame resistant or flame proof, different size fuse, define the LED colors, add LEDs to  indicate status of things under software control, custom I/O connectors that are more than just wires slid into pin headers, etc.
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Dang.  That's a bummer.  Our product volumes are only a few hundred per year so we built our PCB as a daughter board that we have commercially produced.

Is there no way to contact the engineering/sales/management behind Arduino to ask them this question? I've scoured arduino.cc and can't find any actual contact information.


Not the proprietor, but happy to chime in with whatever I know.

The material is probably FR4 (Fire Retardant). That's probably all the information you will ever get. If UL is asking you to trace the PCB material to the original manufacturer, you may as well give up now. Unless the Arduino folks (who presumably are the only suppliers of these boards to Mouser) can trace every batch of etched PCB's they ordered back to the source (most likely in Asia), who can then tell them which sub-contractor they used to make every particular batch of boards, who can then certify the board material, you'll just never know.

If the Arduino folks step in and say "yes, every Arduino ever made and shipped to Mouser was made on FR4" then you may be able to quote that.

UL is funny business. Good luck.

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You could try asking the arduiono folks directly.
David C, Massimo, they will answer questions.
Click "Report to moderator" over there in the corner, or look them in the member section, and ask.
Designing & building electrical circuits for over 25 years.  Screw Shield for Mega/Due/Uno,  Bobuino with ATMega1284P, & other '328P & '1284P creations & offerings at  my website.


KE7GKP -- Those rugged circuits look interesting, but we already have our shield designed and fabbed.

RuggedCircuits -- Yes, UL is asking to trace all the way back to raw materials.  A different engineer selected the Arduino and now I'm stuck trying to get it through UL.  In the end, we may just end up fabbing Arduinos our self from the open source files.

CrossRoads -- Thanks for the name.  I'll try to follow up with him. 

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