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Hello everyone.

So. I have a problem with my Mega.. I don't know, what happened, while I was moving, but now my Mega is not working. Before - it was working like a charm.
1. I made an ISP programmer (Si Prog) and set the default fuses.
2. I burned bootloader from Arduino folder. Worked.
3. Tried burning sketch -- Sync error. Tx led blinks few times and that's it.

So - I have rreplaced crystal, as it may have been damaged during my moving, and it's capacitors. 22p.
Checked reset - as suggested in onther posts - everything is fine.

And interesting part - when I burn simple program written in bascom, to blink pin13 -- it works.. Though faster than supposed, but works.

And FTD chip is working, as I get response looping Tx and Rx pins and sending data through terminal.
Is the bootloader in arduino folder right for my Mega? My arduino IDE version is 0022

Thanks everyone!

Little update,
Took compiled sketch in Hex, and burned with my programmer -- Works.

And about fuses--- they are: HF=DA, LF=FF, EF=F5 ======> Is this correct?


Try burning the bootloader from the Arduino IDE - it will select the correct file from you if you select the right board in the tools menu.  You will need to add your programmer to the hardware/arduino/programmers.txt.


Thank You, tried Your suggestion, no luck.
Burned BL fine, no errors, but still not working.


Ok! I found what is wrong with my mega.
I have somehow managed to fry my Tx and Rx pins on arduino.. Not all of them, only the ones that are connected to FTDI chip, basically hardware serial.

So. I was wondering - is it possible to make arduino use soft serial instead of HW serial. Code it into bootloader or something..

BR. Dagnis.


You can't use software serial, as it'll be slow and error-prone (and big), but you can recompile the bootloader to use USART1 instead of USART0, but you'll need to bridge the FTDI pins over as well.  Take a look at the optiboot source to figure out how to do it. 

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