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I am just wondering if anyone has interfaced to a Maxim DS1339 RTC?

The reason I am interested in this is it supports 400khz I2C bus, whereas the DS1307 only supports up to 100khz.
I currently thave the DS1307 in my design however my design now uses 400khz as the bus, so I cant talk to the DS1307.

I did a google search and found this site, which lists all the RTC's, however I havent yet found anyones examples.

I assume it may be a case of writing a library for it myself.... somehow...

Open to other RTC options too, just need one that talks I2C @ 400khz, and ideally is already supported by Arduino.



Actually, just spotted the DS1337 RTC, which appears people have used, and looking at the datasheet that supports 400khz I2C too.

Time to do some reading.



I assume it may be a case of writing a library for it myself.... somehow...

Interesting overview, esp the DS1388, with 1/100 presision looks quite interesting to be used as NTP

a quick look shows that the 1339 and 1337 (and others) are quite similar for the first 7 registers, so you could use one of the available 1307 libraries as a starting point.
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I use the DS1337 on my PICO1TRC and PICOBEE boards.
I use the ATMEL I2C library and my own RTC library.
Application examples (including alarms and interrupts)
are on my site --


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I just happened to see this thread. I've created a breakout for the DS1339
RTC, including an Arduino library as it seemed the best option for its tolerance of a wide range of voltages as well as two alarms - you can check it out here if you like - http://www.instructables.com/id/RTC-Breakout-for-DS1339-on-Arduino-low-cost-batter/


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