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I've noticed that the +/- icons on the main forum page are extremely large. There's a lot of subforums and it takes a lot of scrolling to get through all of them. Would it be reasonable to create an alternate skin with the same look and feel but with slightly smaller icons to reduce scrolling? A slightly smaller text size would also help.

I wouldn't want to impose on those with vision problems, which is why I suggest an alternate skin for users to choose. :)


I have nothing against whitespace, it just seems that the icon is much larger than it has to be. My scrollwheel finger is very sad.

Also, having the word "posts" and "threads" under the counts in the far right column seems redundant. Space could be used more efficiently if there were column headers. To be entirely honest, I'm not really concerned with how many posts or topics are there. I can see that they have the words under the numbers because the column headers might scroll off screen, but in that case, I would say the numbers are still much larger than they need to be.

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