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CRAY-4 Linux

I am working on keeping time with this rtc module http://www.sparkfun.com/products/99 with a lilypad and this code isnt working for me
Code: [Select]
#include "Wire.h"
#define DS1307_ADDRESS 0x68

void setup(){

void loop(){

void setDateTime(){

 byte second =      45; //0-59
 byte minute =      40; //0-59
 byte hour =        0; //0-23
 byte weekDay =     2; //1-7
 byte monthDay =    1; //1-31
 byte month =       3; //1-12
 byte year  =       11; //0-99

 Wire.send(0); //stop Oscillator


 Wire.send(0); //start



byte decToBcd(byte val){
// Convert normal decimal numbers to binary coded decimal
 return ( (val/10*16) + (val%10) );

byte bcdToDec(byte val)  {
// Convert binary coded decimal to normal decimal numbers
 return ( (val/16*10) + (val%16) );

void printDate(){

 // Reset the register pointer

 Wire.requestFrom(DS1307_ADDRESS, 7);

 int second = bcdToDec(Wire.receive());
 int minute = bcdToDec(Wire.receive());
 int hour = bcdToDec(Wire.receive() & 0b111111); //24 hour time
 int weekDay = bcdToDec(Wire.receive()); //0-6 -> sunday - Saturday
 int monthDay = bcdToDec(Wire.receive());
 int month = bcdToDec(Wire.receive());
 int year = bcdToDec(Wire.receive());

 //print the date EG   3/1/11 23:59:59
 Serial.print(" ");


i have it hooked up to analog pins A4 and A5 and i am not quite familiar with the Wire library  :(

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