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Hello all,

i would like to know if there is any CMOS camera module that works with xbee transmission rate.
is there any project with this features?

thanks all.


I believe most xbees support 250k, any ttl cmos camera, like this one http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10061 should work.
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thank you very much,
i will read about that camera


Just a point but what are you hoping to do with the information once you get it and where does the arduino fit into all this?


i have am transmiter (arduino uno + xbee + camera that i'm looking for) and a receiver (arduino uno + xbee) that receives the camera feed to see in a computer



Well I'm not sure, but would the fps (Frames Per Second) be really low?
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i'm sorry, i'm new at arduino technologies, i have not requirements for the project. i just need some way to transmit video signal between 2 xbee if it's possible. i need a small and lightweight camera to do that, don't need neither high quality nor high resolution.

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