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Using HTML get, you will definitely run out of memory before you run out of pins and sensors.
I tried that method with my computer on the browser, and no matter how simple and clean I made it, I still have trouble when it get a little elaborate. I think I had six buttons, two temperature sensor, and two relays. Ohh and X10 for home automation.

I suggest going to a Arduino Mega if you're going to do a lot of coding for the extra storage space. And pins.... if you need them.

I'm starting to take up iOS programming for another app... once I figure out how it work. I'll try to cross-implement my already in place arduino codes to work with it... that way I'll have android app and iPhone app.

If you ever get started, please post your findings and implementation :-)


Yer look I am in the process of building something along the lines of what your talking about myself.  I am a software engineer, been working with Microsoft tools for years and just recently crossed over to the apple platform.  While it is early days yet, I am quite confident I can make it work, my plan is to build a door opener with the iPhone.  My plan is to use the Arduino connected to a PC on my WiFi to talk to the iPhone and give it the commands to open the door.  Communication to the Arduino is pretty straight forward, I'm going to use Apple's Bonjour protocol to talk with the iPhone and the Server.  My Server is just a Win XP box which has a few other functions around the house, but I think I will build a client that can run on the Apple Mac machine too.
I was also thinking for future expansion I could build in PIR detection, so you would be notified when someone approached the door, and a Camera interface so you could see the person at the door on the iPhone and then hit a button to allow entry.
If your interested in something like this too, drop me a message maccaoz@yahoo.com and I will let you know how it goes!


I would be keen on a hand-held wireless serial console for the arduino.


I'm interested in iphone app with posibility of make the envoirment with the same app without use PC.

The easy form is make an app with buttons options and in the button write manually the comand for send "GET" or other commands for example: (i use this simple config for send commands to relays or another aplications for home automation but for iphone i dont know an app for make this)

I think it's easy and dont need libraries for use it and only need Arduino with one ETH shield.

This is exactly what TouchOSC does, except that it sends OSC ( supported via a lib for arduino ). OSC is like MIDI.
With TouchOSC you have also an application to draw your UI graphically and then send it to your iDevice.


sounds cool!!

at the moment i'm using the app of http://arduinocontrol.mheeres.com/
so it's possible to control 8 outputs ( on/off) and read all analog inputs.

but i like to have something similar i can customize like; rename the outputs, control pwm outputs,...


I've been developing something similar, but with an Android. I've seen 1 or 2 apps on here that people have created but they don't seem to be updated much, and they don't leave much room for development.

I can't say for certain how you can retrieve the IP info, but I don't think that would work because your IP is likely to change a lot on the mobile network. I can see blacklisting, but that might take a lot of work. To keep mine secure, I don't forward ports and keep the Arduino access to the local network. If I'm away, I just log into my home VPN and access the device from that.

That makes me think that some sort of web proxy could be useful to protect the Arduino node from external threats - it allows only https and checks for suspicious activity / enforces more access control, only forwarding requests on the local network if everything checks out (somewhat more convenient that the VPN way).  Is there an Apache module that does this already though?
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Though thinking about it this doesn't address the issue of WiFi, a lot of local networks have indequately protected WiFi installations...  Best to have some sort of protection on the Arduino too.
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I'm very interested can you contact me, i sent you a IM reply with my contact details


Hi guys, I've been distracted by 3D printing the last few months and was pleased to see this thread today.

I made a working system though I used it to control my lights only. I used an ethernet shield and wifi to control it from my iPhone with HTML. The system is made up of nodes using RF and IR to communicate. I made the control home page as simple as possible (definitely no pics) so I could control quite a number of lights with just an Atmega 328.

I also made my own control (using Atmega328) relay boards for the control of the 230V lights and a, mixture of RF and IR control boards. My basic design premise was to make it as simple, robust and low cost as possible, kind of like the WW2 Russian T-34 tank. (IMHO for the more mundane tasks like light and appliance control, Zigbees would be a waste).

I would be happy to help develop it into a fuller system if anybody is interested.

Keff in Singapore

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