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Hey there,

I was wondering if anyone here knew about any good school in Germany or Italy where I can have some good courses for domotics or automation, I am 21 years old and I studied Mechatronics Engineering, but I want to do a course specialized in domotics/automation

Thanks in advance :)


Try the Deutsh and Italiano section of this forum, use google translate to get a german/italian translation besides the original english text.
Probieren Sie die Deutsh und Italiano Sektion dieses Forums, die Verwendung von Google ├╝bersetzen zu einer Deutsch / Italienisch ├ťbersetzung neben dem Original Englisch Text zu erhalten.
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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domotics  In USA-Speak that would be Home Automation??

I'll be living in Italy next year and I'll be looking for stuff like this...


The interesting question is, what do you expect from the school, what do you need, how much time do you want to spend there. I know that quite a few universities have departments working on those topics. You'll also find some institutions specialised in building automation (although they tend to focus more on EIB/KNX and other professional solutions).

Another option is to start working in the field with the education you have and learn how things work in reality. Those schools then to teach a different set of skill than what is used when working in the field. Things that seem important at school are of no real relevance for real life applications while things that seem easy in the lab sometimes become insurmountable stumbling blocks jeopardising the whole project.

But without more information about your goal, I doubt you'll get many useful answers. Also, please don't cross-post the same message across multiple boards. It's detrimental to your karma and passive good will.



Korman has an important point you should carefully consider:

Another option is to start working in the field with the education you have and learn how things work in reality.

I would also strongly suggest that these fields are evolving and you would do better to work in the field and see the real-world problems that are out there. Unless you want to be on the research/teaching end of all this.

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