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Since last year I'm playing with the arduino plateform. I'm interesting about meeting arduino users/groups in montreal area to discuss/work on projects (I'm based at Blainville so more about the nort area).
I speak french (primary language) but english too.
Is there some group/hackerlab/arduino enthousiast, reply here ! :)


same profile here. looking for labs, social meetups, etc.
Always good to exchange ideas and tips in person.

@Paul, i'm pretty sure a group existed last year, I'll try and find it in my contacts.

Let's see the amount of replies and maybe we could organize a meetup in MTL.


Great !
Let me know when you will have more information.
I have hear about Foulab in Montreal, but it seems not very active.
If other are interested, just reply here :)


Hop juste un petit message pour vous dire que vous n'êtes pas seul ! Ayant découvert arduino il y moins d'une année, je le pratique et l'expérimente depuis ! Intégré dans mon dernier projet de fin d'étude, j'espère aujourd'hui pouvoir continuer à travailler avec :)

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