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I think the new Arduino Store has prices too high, at least for Italian customers...
The Arduino boards are sold at the same prices that I can find on other e-shops in Italy and this is curious: usually, third-party vendors should have higher prices than the producer.
Shipping prices are high too (at least for me)..... I buy out of Italy and I find cheaper prices for items as big as the Arduino boards.... 11€ are a lot, and there is not another postage choice, i.e. something cheaper and/or without express couriers.

Thank you.


Please add, at least, other postage choices...
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Usually third-party vendors sell at higher prices. I.E. Watterott sell Sparkfun products at an higher price that Sparkfun itself, and it is logic...

But thinking for a moment that I'm wrong and you're right... I live in Italy, Arduino is an italian product (or so it shoudl be... but I see that the society is in Swiss) and I have to pay for expensive express postages even if I don't want them... other sellers ship Arduino boards from Italy to Italy at cheaper rates.


We just hoped (failing) that a shorter distrubution chain, should  also cut the final price and shipping costs. :~


ti be right the sparkfun's arduinos come from italy. so sparkfun have to pay shipping cost, too... why can't the arduino producers send the arduinos half to sparkfun and half to watterott with half shipping costs?

i mean Massimo have to send arduinos to sparkfun then sparkfun to watterott, so watterott have to pay shipping from Italy to USA then from USA to Germany.. i think this is more than pay only from Italy to Germany.. right?

about the prices in the new arduino store i think they're too high, too. in italy i bought an arduino for 25€ s.c. included, here i have to pay 27€ the board with 12€ of s.c.

i think it's because they have to pay shipping from italy to swiss wich is more from italy to italy.
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yeah it's true... the price for italians it's too high.
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