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I'm trying to interface a WIZ811MJ with a modern devices BBB arduino clone. I'm using a 3.3V supply for the WIZ and running the arduino off the usb's 5V, they share a common ground. The following are the connections between the WIZ and Arduino:


Are there any errors so far? I am not able to get any example sketches to work. I do get ping replies from it's IP address but no working telnet or http connections, depending on the sketch I'm trying. I also reset the W5100 at startup and give it 15 secs to get ready after the reset. I'm thinking my SPI connections are correct, otherwise the WIZ would not reply to my pings. I get the feeling I'm overlooking something obvious.



Mmmm, now that I said that all out loud, I suspect the MISO line is not going high enough for the arduino's 5V IO.



Did you get it to work?

I've been killing myself with the ENC28J60 and now that I've found the WIZ811MJ I'm about two minutes away from ordering, your wiring diagram is the key to make it easy after the crap the ENC28J60 put me through (mess libraries/code/comments).  Just curious if you got it all working or have any suggestions!




I've got it working pretty good. My issue was poor 3.3V power. I ditched the modded cell phone charger I was using and for now just put 2 diodes in series from the arduino's 5V to the Wiz811MJ's J2:1 pin. When I'm running off of usb power, the wiz gets 3V (down from 4.5V) and with an external 5V (5.15V actual) psu, the wiz gets 3.6V. Spec for the W5100 is 3-3.6V. Side note, it uses about 155mA during operation and ~180mA during startup.

Other that that, all my connections are direct. AFAIK, the J2:2--9--/RESET connection is not something that is supported by the ethernet library. I use the IO to reset the wiz during startup with a LOW signal, and potentially during operation if the arduino determines that it has lost connection. At this point, I'm not sure how to program the arduino to know that.

After reading comparisons between the ENC28J60 and Wiznet modules, it seems the Wiznet route has less headaches. The biggest down side to the Wiznet that I see is soldering that LQFP80 chip by hand. I think I will be milling my own custom arduino boards with headers for the WIZ811MJ module to plug into. Cheapest place I found it online for US/CDN orders was Future Electronics ($19.26). Anyone know how to get them cheaper in qty of 10?


are u working with WIZ811MJ module.

the mine one does not work.

i dont know if is the energy in pins.

can someone help me?

the my one is wiz810mj

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