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Hi All,

First time on this forum and I'm a newbie who is probably in over his head.
I have an Arduino Duemilanove ATmega168 and an Ethernet Shield.

The end goal for me was to have a webpage running on the Arduino that would allow me to send X10.

I have managed to get several bits of code to work on the Arduino and currently have the the following code from this website in there working just fine.  It toggles the LED ON/OFF via the webpage perfectly so I know my Arduino + Ethernet Shield are working;


I started with this code because what I ultimately want to do is be able to send/receive X10 via the webpage.  It seems someone has already done it and included the ability to use RF and IR which is a bonus.  See below for the project details and code;


My only problem is that this code wont compile.  I'm using IDE 0022 and have all the required X10 libraries copied into the Libraries Folder.  The error message I'm getting is;

X10_Ethernet.cpp: In function 'void processEthernetRequest()':
X10_Ethernet:407: error: 'class X10ex' has no member named 'setModuleName'

I get this when I choose ATmega168 Mode on the IDE which is what my board is.  Strange this is, when I choose ATmega328, the code will compile but I cannot upload this into the board because its not compatible with what I have.

Any help would be appreciated.


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