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i have a request is this Board work with Arduino ??


i want to connect an 4*20 LCD + 4*4 Keypad to arduino mega
and i try paying the controller form http://www.web4robot.com/LCDCtrl.html

but i think he is a (*^%$#$#** froad
i am searching high and low for a way to connect an lcd to a keypad to arduino using i2C FYI i try to bay the byvac but thay don't deliver to Egypt and that is my last chance


The Modtronix board should work fine on the Arduino.  The company is in Australia but they have a US distributor if that is better for you:


I ordered LCD's from 'web4robot' and never received an order confirmation or the product.  After waiting a month I disputed the charges with PayPal and eventually received a refund.  I'd be surprised if they were still authorized to accept PayPal payments.
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you got that right :) about thos guys

dos modtronix board have a lip that is compateble with arduino-seeeduino ???



dos modtronix board have a lip that is compateble with arduino-seeeduino ???

I don't understand the question.

To connect it to the Arduino you will need to make a cable that goes from the 2X5 pin connector to the appropriate SPI or I2C pins (plus 5V and Ground) on the Arduino.
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i meant a library that is compatible with arduino or seeeduino boards

bottom line is i want to connect an lcd 4*20 with 4*4 keypad using that card to ardino mega

now i know it should work but what i really don't know is programing will need a special library for the arduino ??

i am sorry for sounding so lame
but that why am asking!!  :smiley-mr-green: :D :smiley-mr-green: :D :smiley-mr-green: :D :smiley-red: :smiley-red: :smiley-red: :smiley-red:


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i haven' t tried this website. but they are based f masr. so you could see the stuff before you buy it.

update: could u tell me where u got the arduino mega and for how much


thanks for the post
i got my board form
and it cost 42.0 $ plus 5$ Shipping Max about 300 L.E  :~

and its not arduino its a seeeduino mega u can check the description  :D

and my goal is something like that

and i got most of my stuff from
E-ram Shop in EGYPT

and i neeeeeeeeeeed all the help i can get   :D

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