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My latest project, Arduino Controlled Dishwasher. Sorry about linking to my own site, rather than posting it here on the forum, I just didn't want to post it over and over. There are no ads on my site. :) Anyways..
Summary.. the control head on this dishwasher died, a replacement part was unreasonably priced, and would just fail all over again down the road (design flaw). So I wrote a sketch for the Arduino that runs the dishwasher. I figured while I was at it, I'd make it better than the original controller by using an LCD to display the current status. :)
I haven't buttoned up the prototype yet, but I have gotten the functionality down.
I have the sketch posted on that page.
Brian from Tacoma, WA
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Very cool stuff thanks for sharing!


Holy Cow, that is so cool.  Interesting how insurmountable problems somehow get resolved once one's mindset changes.  I am very impressed at your efforts on this.  Now, the real challenge begins, how the heck are you going to make this look good on the front of the dishwasher?

Be sure to come back and post again when you get it finished.  I'm going to steal ideas.
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Awesome work UnaCloker! If I may give a suggestion, use an IR remote control instead of using an actual key pad will save you lots of grief trying to integrate the keys to the old panel. If you install the display where the broken display is, then seal it water tight is doable but won't be pretty. The least invasive way I can see is to construct a box to house the arduino, a display and IR receiver with a cord to the dish washer. You can sit it on the kitchen counter and control it with a remote. Weather is good in my place so I'm thinking you could buy a remote from a garage sale for a few dollars.


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That will be the control panel on the front of the dishwasher, it's only half done. Hope nobody minds me snagging the Arduino logo for it.. Not like it's going to be commercially produced, I wanted some Arduino pride on the front of the machine. :) The other logo is the OpenHardware logo..  I'll post more as it goes, and then update my page when it's all assembled and done. :)
Brian from Tacoma, WA
Arduino evangelist - since Dec, 2010.

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