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I've had to replace the control unit twice on my dishwasher.  Both times because the darn thing got wet and rotted.  It was under warranty, but would have cost me a lot.  Needless to say, if it happens again I'll be copying your project  ]:)

I'll never be able to match the incredible job you did on the front panel (the nearest hacker space is 1.5 hours away), but I certainly could put in an arduino with XBee remoted to my overall house controller.

One thing though, my experience with hot glue has been less than satisfactory here in the Arizona heat.  It's great if the temps stay within reason, but ......  You may need to look at nylon standoffs, nylon screws and some of that epoxy putty to hold things on.  The epoxy putty for plumbing that you can get at the hardware store is really great stuff for hot and wet situations.  Sure, you will be sealing it as well as you can, but this stuff is cheap and easy.

Darn nice job, show it off to everyone that come in your house.
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Hot glue can be iffy in something as warm as a dishwasher :D


Yeah, that's true.. It can sit around 150f for an hour straight, that does seem like it'd make the glue start to soften up and come free. I think I have some "Plumbers Goop" glue, that stuff is pretty impressive.
On a different matter.. After adding the second button, the two LED's in the buttons, and the tilt sensor, I've only got one IO pin free. If I were to move the two LED's and the 6 relays off to a shift register, that'd free up 5 pins. But do I need to have more pins free? I seem to be ok with this many free. And it'll definitely have an impact in code legibility. Instead of digitalWrite(ventPin, HIGH); it'd be more like shiftOut(2,3,etc etc..)
I looked at the library that puts the LCD on a shift register, but it didn't seem like it was fully matured
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What pins are currently used for what purposes?

Say pin x to pin y 6 relays etc.
Have you used the 4 analog pins 0-3? They can be used as digital pins as well.

In case you go down the shift register for your relays, make sure you connect the master reset pin other wise the relays may fire at random at start up.

Plus, you can do:


in place of the digitalWrite()

void ventout()

This is more readable than digitalWrite.


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The other thing you can do is go to a serial LCD adapter.  I ran out of pins on my very first project with a display because it takes so darn many pins to run the display.  I went to a serial adapter and haven't had a problem since.  Something like the LCD117 from Modern Device will do the job with only one pin (you don't need input from an LCD), power and ground.


I love these little things and there's a bunch of them out there to choose from.  I do not recommend the 5V ones from SparkFun, they take up too much real estate with the oversized board, they work good though.  A serial adapter for the LCD and NewSoftSerial so you don't have to worry about serial ports and away you go.
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