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The bilge pump is a 15HP 3phase 480v pump. EMI has never really been a big issue with the existing ethernet, CAN, and low voltage signals and the controllers won't be near any EMI sources.

Basically my thought is to use one Arduino as an input device and the other as an output device. I'm trying to figure out the best way to get the input device to communicate with the output device when necessary. Should I just do the routing through the software I'll be writing (python)?


For comms between the two Arduinos I'd just use simple RS-485 and software serial with a simple protocol. Then if one of them is near the computer just use the standard USB connection for that link.


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I'd just use simple RS-485 and software serial with a simple protocol.

What converter(s) do you use for rs485?
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Obviously there's going to be more than one way to accomplish this. I'm just curious how any of you would do it.

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I'd pick between RS-485 and CANBUS.  But I like a challenge.

RS-485 is only the physical layer.  Even though examples abound, all of the protocol has to be developed.  There is almost no driver work but lots of protocol work.

CANBUS provides a data-link layer (e.g. retries and error detection are provided by the CANBUS controller).  I have not searched but I suspect good examples for Arduino / AVR are probably a bit hard to find.  There is lots of driver work but not much protocol work.

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