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I have been trying to figure out how to get the TLC5949mux library to work, but there is almost no documentation or schematics as to how things are supposed to be hooked up. 

I can of course use the standard TCL library and work them that way but I am really looking to multiplex them, or if anyone has other suggestions on using TLC5940 to multiplex please feel free to add.

My main goal is a 5x4 RGB matrix will PWM capabilities

Thanks in advance!!


My original idea was to use a 595 with a UDN2981 to source the current and the TLC5490 as the sink, but I'm quite a noob to multiplexing and really have no idea how to code it, the hardware is easy always been a hardware guy.


Have you seen this:-
I wrote my own multiplexing library so it will use different pins than the "official" one but the principal is the same.

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