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What would you suggest if the way to insulate some soldered wire? I am using tape atm  :~


I'd consider heat-shrink tubing, though you have to remember to slide it on before you do the soldering!

Here's just one possibility:


The Ruggeduino: compatible with Arduino UNO, 24V operation, all I/O's fused and protected


It is for a simple circuit with a vibration motor, led & pressure sensor powered by a 9v battery pack.
Would you recommend using a glue gun?


I've seen industrial boards covered by a layer of transparent conforming glues to protect it from environments. I wonder if such insulating glue can be used on a glue gun. Sometimes I use Teflon tape for quick fix too. It's nasty when you try to take it off.
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I wonder if such insulating glue can be used on a glue gun.

No these conformal coatings are normally applied as a liquid or a spray and can be quite expensive. They have the property that you can "solder through" them to affect a repair.

I use hot melt glue a lot to stop things shorting out. But as KE7GKP pointed out first make a solid mechanical joint, then solder it finally insulate it.


Again it might be useful to know what kind of wire you are using? Uninsulated wire is pretty hard to come across by accident. Bus wire is the only example that comes to mind that is truly uninsulated.


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