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Hi I am trying to high/low the pin using web server.

Problem 1: When my router resets the IP changes and hence makes me unable to access the IP.
Solution 1: I defined static IP in the router/pc settings. Any other solution where no pc is available and router has no static IP function ?

Problem 2: I want to access multiple different arduino uno's attached to their respective Ethernet shields by just typing individual addresses in the address bar. For ex: arduinouno1 can be accessed by typing www.arduino1aj.com/80 and so on when connected to the same router as well as to the different router with no ip address conflict.


If you mean the public IP changes, you need to use a service like no-ip to resolve the domain to your public IP.
You can do the servers with DNS. Use different server names for each that resolve into the specific IP for that Arduino.
...and so on.

If you have only one public IP, I haven't played with DNS to know if it can resolve to the same IP with different ports tho.


Free host names are limited on no-ip. I have one set up for my raspberry pi.
What I don't know is whether you can set up multiple host names using the same router address. You may have to use different port numbers and map them to different private address inside your home network depending on which port is called.

Just curious, how fast pin flipping do you intend to achieve? Your arduino can grab stuff from the net too. If you save command on a server and have arduino periodically grab, you can get by without any dynamic dns service. The rate depends on how frequently arduino checks for new commands so that's why I asked how fast you want pin flipping.


You can send from arduino to you www some string, and by php read arduino IP.

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