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I am trying to send two potentiometer values connected to two arduinos to a laptop.
So i am using Xbee 802.15.4 (Series 1) modules for the purpose.

My setup is as follows:

ArduinoTx (Pin3 NewSoftSerial) ===> XbeeDin     //Using NewSoftSerial to avoid conflicts with USB as i am not using the Xbee Shield
Arduino3V3 ===> XbeeVDD
ArduinoGND ===> XbeeGND
Arduino Powered using Laptop's USB port

Xbee connected to FT232 Xbee Adapter Board

My Xbee Configurations:

(XB24, 802.15.4, 10E8)
ID = 9898
DH = 0
DL = 1
MY = 2
BD = 5 (38400)

(XB24, 802.15.4, 10E8)
ID = 9898
DH = 0
DL = 0
MY = 1
CE = 1 (Cordinator Enable)
BD = 5 (38400)

It worked for the first time. But when i powered off both arduino and laptop's xbee, it does not work.
I tested the same setup with my other Series 2 modules and it works.

Is my above Xbee configuration correct ?

Any help will be appreciated.


The MY address on one XBee must match the DL address on the other XBee. So, no, your configuration is not correct.

Change the laptop's XBee's DL value to 2.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Thanks Paul. I have re-configured the laptop's XBee by changing the DL value to 2.
But unluckily it does not work.

I Google-d about this issue and found the following project:


The configuration is pretty same as of mine, unlike i am using XBee's in transparent mode.

Any more suggestions ?



i haven't used any series 1 xbees but why is on the one module low address (DL) =1 and on the other 0?

XBee blog: http://lookmanowire.blogspot.com/


It is because Xbee with DL=0 (Coordinator) should listen to multiple End Devices in range.

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