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The rmp3, is good if someone wants a mp3 player shield with a minimum of fuss, where all the code for file reading and spi interfacing to the VS1053 is written and insulated in a high level code.

Well based on the way the original question was asked I was posting what I thought would be the most useful product/link for what they want to do. Currently the rMP3 is using the VS1011 (as far as I know) but without wanting audio input or more unusual file types there aint a lot of difference between them.

Yes the rMP3 is more expensive than a breakout board but it does have a lot of code to go with it and also has an ATmega644 on board which does all the heavy lifting. If you just want to do a vis and have the knowledge to go about that with a breakout board and all the code then obviously the rMP3 might not be the right way to go.

Depends on how happy the OP is with doing the interfacing to the SD card and VSLI chip himself.

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