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Hi there guys, I have a trouble with arduino mega 2560 and firmata 2.2 (interfacing it with pure data and pduino 0.5beta8)... I need all digital pin (in input, using them with pushbutton sensors), without analog pin... using examples included in arduino 0022 (firmata 2.2), I try SimpleDigitalFirmata to try if it work with Pure Data, but only first 13 pin works well (putting the other on GND, so they doesn't give me random values)... if I put pushbutton sensors to others digital pins, they give me only random values (or nothing)...

I think (maybe it's my error) that the error is in the sketch (I'm now trying AllInputsFirmata), or in PD, maybe I have to change some values, but I don't know what values...

And I have another question: can I use 5 arduino mega on a single patch? I tried with HID object (using it with keyboards), but I can use one HID object for each patch... is there possible using more arduinos on a single patch? Or I have to create a patch for each arduino?

Thank you so much, I am in trouble just now with a project for university ehehehehhe

PS: Sorry for my bad english language XD


So you're just now discovering the firmata is not compatible with the Mega, huh? Too bad you didn't research this BEFORE you started trying to use it.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Uhm, isn't it possible to add other pins in the sketch?
Wow I am in great trouble now O_O


In which sketch? The firmata sketch? The whole firmata concept needs to be reworked to deal with boards with more than 13 digital pins and 6 analog pins. This will affect Arduinos and Processing and everything else that has built a dependency on firmata. One issue that needs to be addressed is for firmata to be able to return some information about the board it is running on, so Processing or PureData or ??? doesn't ask for the value of digital pin 36 when the Arduino that is connected is a UNO.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


I am trying to configure pins on board by adding some bytes (byte reportPINS), but I don't know if it is correct XD

Do someone knows what to change or add in the sketch maybe? XD

I see that even in the pduino patch there are some pind to add in the arduino object... i think... uhm its a great trouble and I have only 2 days left XD


Hi guy, i have a similar problem. The question is, if i can not use all pins of arduino mega, what could be a good solucion? can i use 3 or more arduino uno conected to a diferents pd patches?


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