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Bought a BoArduino and messed around with FTDI wires to header. Now, I have a problem with reset LED always flashing. I do a reset. Flashes a couple of times. Then after a few seconds, constant flashing. Have never been able to upload through FTDI. I believe cable is defective after much testing. Have new one on order. Why is LED flashing. Could I have just corrupted the bootloader, or is the chip bad now? It's a ATMEGA328P-PU. Tried chip in a Arduino Uno. See flashing LED.


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I'm not sure what a reset LED is - according to the Boarduino website, the pin 13 LED is the red one (closest to the 328). Perhaps your 328 just has the blink sketch already loaded? A lot of them come that way.


No red LED (reset) blinking when first finished the kit. Normal flash a few times when reset pushed. This problem developed later. Just need confirmation of constant flashing is indication of bad chip or whatever.

Jack Christensen

I wouldn't assume a defective chip.  What FTDI hardware are you using, and what exactly happens (error messages, etc.) when you try an upload.


Looks like I lost my post to andyCC, when you sent yours! But, he was right. I finally put an LED on 13 and it flashes in unison with the red one. So, chip is not defective. I did not know that 13 is tied to SCK which is tied to the red LED. The whole problem is error about avrdude is not programming. I have a new FTDI cable to replace my old FTDI cable which has a different color scheme. So, I have been messing around with the data wires to try to get it to work. Never have seen indication of upload complete, but it must have somehow done it. andyCC thinks that blink might be preloaded into DoArduino, but I don think so. The red LED never blinked constantly in the beginning.

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