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I have Duemilanove and Uno boards to work with.  The Duemilanove boards give me no trouble, but with one piece of data acquisition software ("ModCom" from http://www.weedtech.com/software.html Weeder Technologies) refuses to talk to the Uno.

I got the following reply from Weeder Tech (who've never heard of Arduino):

Maybe it doesn't support the options that ModCom uses such as:

type = RS232
baud rate = 9600
bit length = 8
stop bit = 1
binary = true
flow control = off
DTR = disabled
RTS = disabled

If any of these settings are not supported, ModCom will respond with "The port can not be openned".

So my question is this:  How do I check and/or modify these serial port settings of the Uno?  I have installed the latest 8U2 code from bithub, but that didn't help.

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Which port number did the operating system assign to the Uno?


Depending on which PC I try, it's been COM3, COM8, and COM5.  Modcom can talk to those port numbers, but not if they're an Uno.  If I set a Duemilanove to that COM port number Modcom will happily open it up and talk to it.

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