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Hello everybody,

First of all, I have to say that I'm French. So my language won't be perfect.

So... I want to keep a wifi connexion with an arduino board (with a wifi shield), and after to share this connexion at a computer (with or without cable, I don't mind). But I don't know if it's possible... Is there any library that permit it, or a specific wifi-shield?

Thanks to help me :) !


Your  question is not quite clear to me, better write it  (in a bit more detail) in French and throw it through Google translate and post it again ,


--- google translate -->
Votre question n'est pas très clair pour moi, mieux l'écrire (en détail un peu plus) en français et de le jeter par Google traduire et le publier à nouveau,


Votre anglais est meilleur que mon français ;)
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HHum, i prefer talk in engish. Okay. I have a internet box with a wifi connexion.
First, I want my Arduino to connect to the wifi. For that, i think the wishield will be enouth.
Second, I want to share this wifi connexion at the computer. Belive that only the Arduino have the permission to connect to the wifi so I have to use it to have wifi on my computer...

So, do you know how I can share the connexion obtains (I'm not sure of this word) with the wishield to the computer?

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