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Don't have my sketch in front of me so I know this is breaking the rules, but I've already narrowed it down to a hardware problem.

I have an IR LED set up and verified it is lighting up using a camera.

Then I have an IR Phototransistor going into analog zero.

Sudo code sets analog 0 to input, reads the value and prints it to serial but it's always at 1023 even if the LED is on or off. Even if I cover the sensor with my finger or a dark cloth it still reads 1023. Even if I unplug the IR LED and cover the sensor. Still reads 1023.

I know the code is good because I put a pot in place of the sensor and the value changed as I turned the pot.

I've also tried changing the resistor value. Everything from 150ohms to 100K. It just always reads 1023.

Here are the 2 parts...

IR Sensor

Thanks in advance.


P.S. Yes, i'm making sure I have the collector to 5v and emitter to analog 0.


I would connect resistor to ground and the junction between resistor and diode to the Arduino input pin!
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Like this? With no resistor before the input pin is there a possibility of overloading the arduino pin?


That's definitely more correct. You cannot "overload" the input pin unless you apply excessive voltage. If you are concerned, you can add a 1k (or so) series resistor in series with your yellow wire (right before it reaches A0).

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Great. Thanks to you both. I'll try this setup tonight.

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