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I have another question in my pursuit of happiness creating a 74 logic series clock.
anyway, I am using a 1Hz clock to drive the clock... but obviously 1Hz crystals are not sold. So I am using a 65.536kHz crystal and dividing it down, but can someone help me with driving the crystal? I can't find any solid explanations and/or circuits. btw I am not using a micro... just passives and 74 series ICs. I don't need EXTREME accuracy, preferably a simple and easy to build driver circuit.

Thanks a bunch!


You can use a standard Arduino UNO and load the basic beginner scetch called "Blink". Then you can correct the ON-time to 500ms and the OFF-time to 500ms. The whole cyclus will be 1sec. This is 1Hz.
Cost you about USD20. You will need a 5-12VDC (0.2A) powersupply also. (And purhaps a 817C optocoupler. And maby a BC-337 transistor + 22Ohm resistor).


What is wrong with this one, google second hit:-

So I am using a 65.536kHz

Why so very high? There is no need.


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You can also use the old 555 to get 1Hz I belive
See this schematic http://electroschematics.com/4843/1-hz-pulse-generator/
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555 would probably be easiest, and easiest to adjust
Otherwise with a crystal that would be alot more hardware, and u need an oscillator for the crystal, so isn't effectively any better

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