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So I am currently working on a project that involves taking input from Max MSP and outputting it through arduino to affect a matrix of LEDs. I am a complete novice when it comes to arduino and circuits and such, so I have a lot of questions.

The set-up is such: I have a grid of 20x30 squares "pixels" which depict either white or black based on camera input in max 5. The end result is that I want these squares, when they are white, to turn on a physical LED in an LED matrix of 20x30 which will be built. I have it currently set up so that whenever a pixel turns white, it will shoot out a "1", whereas it will shoot out a "0" otherwise, though I'm not sure if that actually helps.

So I have a few questions:

-I have absolutely no clue as to how/what the best way is to have it so that arduino will read the changes being made to the 20x30 grid that i have in Max MSP to affect a physical 20x30 LED matrix. I've looked at some example code for LED matrixes and how to turn on individual LED's, but I must say I am extremely confused as to how to apply these concepts to my situation. (ie. I read from this tutorial http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/RowColumnScanning about turning on individual LEDs where it mentions setting columns and rows high/low to control them, but doesn't setting the whole row or whole column mean that the subsequent LEDs in a row or column in the middle may turn on even if you don't want them to? Meaning if I wanted to turn on an LED on row 1 on column 3, and I wanted to then turn on an LED on the row 2 column 2, wouldn't the LED in row 2 column 3 be turned on even if I didn't want it to? I'm not sure if that made sense so apologies in advance.)

-How would I go about sending whatever information I would need to send from max to arduino? Specifically the information in the form of 600 different 1's and 0's for the LED grid.

-should I be outputting these 1's and 0's from max individually to arduino? Or should I be sending them to arduino as a list of numbers? (I'm really not too sure as to how Arduino would affect an LED matrix right now.)

-Will there be a way to do this at an ever-refreshing rate so that whenever there is a change in the pixel grid in Max it'll refresh to arduino?

-will I be able to power an LED matrix of 20x30? If so, will I need an external power source? What would be the best way to do this?

-I have absolutely no idea how to the code in arduino will look like for this to all work out, as I've never coded in arduino before. Will it end up as 600 individual sections for each LED?

-how might I got about connecting 600 LED's in a matrix and then subsequently to arduino? Would I need to make multiple matrixes and connect them together using some other components that I would need to buy? I don't have a clue as to how I might physically connect that many LED's to arduino and have them be individually controllable.


And that's all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sorry if it's long winded or confusing, but the deadline for this project is approaching quickly and I'm completely lost. I just purchased the Arduino UNO earlier this week so I'm really an amateur with this. As such, any help with any of these questions would be much appreciated!





from your message you won't be able to tackle this project directly. You need first to learn about controlling leds, learn about power consumption, think about how you're going to wire up your array (various options here), how you acquire the data, how you store the data. All this tasks can be done step by step with the Arduino, and many steps are small and easy. But if you haven't taken them, it'll be very hard for you to produce a workable solution.

If you're under pressure to deliver something quickly, I'd advise to forget about doing it yourself. However, if you have the leisure to learn, start at the beginning and quite soon you'll understand the problems of your task and see the solutions for them.


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