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I need to interface to a particular Windows program, which accepts serial input and turns it into eye-candy.  I can do this with a Duemilanove, but when I connect an Uno the program refuses to open the serial port. It's using normal serial port numbers (COM3, COM5, etc.) that are available to the software and if I set a Duemilanove to that port number all is well. I've emailed the guy who wrote the software in question, however since his program is intended to interface to his serial equipment and that's working fine he's not interested in providing any support wrt making it work with Arduino.  Since the USB-Serial chip on the Uno is completely different that's where I'm suspecting the problem lies.

The software author has responded with this list of parameters:
type = RS232
baud rate = 9600
bit length = 8
stop bit = 1
binary = true
flow control = off
DTR = disabled
RTS = disabled
and says that if they are not implemented/supported/whatever, then his program won't open the port.  I'm fairly whizbang as a programmer although I've never messed with low-level USB.  But I'm guessing I need to get into the 8U2 code and adjust something there.  Where do I get the 8U2 code, and are there any tutorials available so I can try bricking (er, I mean, "fixing" :-) my Uno?  Google is giving me a whole bunch of explanations on how to upload new 8U2 code, but no advice on how to produce it...

BTW I have updated the Uno to the latest 8U2 "official" code from bithub -- no help there; still does the same thing.


there exists serial port remapping SW, maybe this can do the trick
google - remapping virtual serial ports  gave:

- http://www.lantronix.com/device-networking/utilities-tools/com-port-redirector.html (think its free)
- http://www.sudt.com/en/sr/index.html (think its not)

Let me know if it succeeded
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