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I am trying to use the Color LCD Shield and the Motor Shield together the problem of course is that the LCD needs the SPI lines and the Motor Shield uses those pins as well.

here is what the LCD Shield uses: D13,D11,D9,and D8

here is what the Motor Shield uses: digital line 12 (direction A) and digital line 3 (PWM A), digital line 13 (direction B) and digital line 11 (PWM B).

so the LCD shield shares D13 and D11 with the motor shield I would like to use these together but so far I have been unsuccessful at rewiring the Motor Shield through the female headers. if anyone has had to use shield like these in the past together and could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Things I have tried:

I tried to connect the Arduino's pins D7-D4 to the pins on the motor shield D13,D12,D11,D3 with no success.
I tried connecting a motor directly to the motor shield (the motor shield was on top of the Arduino) no success.
I tried other methods but I still can not get these shields to work together

any rewiring tips would be great thanks.


You will have to physically modify the motor shield to cut the D11 and D13 traces coming from the headers then find a way to connect these to other Arduino pins (note that D11 must be replaced by a pin that supports PWM if you want speed control).

You can also use breakout shields like our Quick Shield or ScrewShield to more easily run wires from one place to another without sticking wires directly into the pin headers.

Finally, if you have some extra money you could consider our own Rugged Motor Driver which makes it easy to hack the pin assignments for better shield compatibility. It also uses D3, D11, D12, D13 but the instructions on our website show you how to easily rewire it.

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so I can't simply rewire this from the female headers?


Not that I can see. The problem is there is a connection from D13 to the motor driver chip, and there is a connection from D13 to the LCD. One way or another, you have to cut one of those connections else they will interfere with each other (same for D11).

I even looked on Sparkfun's motor driver board layout to see if there was an easy way you could solder a wire in for D13 and there isn't (unless you're fairly skilled at soldering). D11 is better, it goes through a via so you could stick a (thin) wire into the via and then into a pin header. But D13 is going to be tough to rewire (again, unless you're pretty good at soldering in which case it is doable).

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I am still a little confused because if I shifted the motor shield and put pin 13 in pin 10's header it would no longer be pin 13 it would be pin 10 isn't this true?


Holy smokes, don't do that! The 6-pin power connector (5V, 3.3V, GND) would be shifted as well and that would not be good.

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I know that I just meant the digital lines sorry I didn't specify (not the power lines or ground I know that would be horrific lol)


Errr...yes, I suppose that would work then but I don't see how this shift is going to happen mechanically.

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well I do have female headers so I would just put wire in them from the Arduino to the Motor Shield do you know what lines I need in order to control the speed and direction? i connect the all the pins from the arduino (that I need) to the shield I can get speed but direction does not work. Here is an image:


You also need to connect the grounds together.

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ok I added the ground wire does this look like it should work Mind you i know it is messy I will clean it up later. here is the image:


I also have an L293D H-bridge I think it has about the same specs as the L298P but I would need it to do speed and direction as well

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