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Hi, i need to design a sistem to control 40 diferents audio files and playback in a stereo sistem. I was thinking to use puredata and arduino, load the 40 wav or mp3 audios in a pd patch and use 40 switches and resistors in to arduino input to trigger and playback any of the 40 audios loaded in pd. Any switch will be conected to a diferent resistor that generate a diferent voltage then arduino input can diferenciate witch audio to playback. The idea is to power a led any time a specific switch is trigger.

I really apreciate if anybody has any comentary about my idea. There is a better way to do it? can pd work whitout problem with 40 audios? how to do this sistem really estable and simple to set up, because must be working for long long time.



Finding resistor values such that one analog pin can detect 40 different readings is going to be a real challenge. Typical resistors from Radio Shack have resistance values of +/- 10% of the rated value.
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Use some multiplexers or something for the inputs rather than analog switches.

The mux shield might suit your application well.


Thank for answer

How many values by analog input will be then recomended? Or the best is an multiplexor option?

Thanks a lot guys!


You could probably manage 8 or 10 with careful checking of resistors and calibration :)

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