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Topic: Arduino Pro Mini + FTDI Breakout, can't upload sketch (not in sync) (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


Hi Everyone,

I realize a lot of people are having similar issues, however I'd like to throw mine out there because I believe I have a defective Arduino Pro Mini. I have been unable to upload a sketch, receiving either the resp: 0x00, resp: 0x30, or in rarer cases sometimes resp: 0xfe.

After connecting the FTDI Breakout to the Arduino without incident, the first thing I noticed was the red power LED indicator on the Pro Mini flashes slightly. The green LED will flash intermittently and then turn off; however it will flash a couple times when I attempt to upload a sketch.

Obviously from these results the FTDI breakout is working fine, I am using a 5v Pro Mini with a 5v FTDI board and voltages have checked out on my meter.

I'm suspecting a faulty Arudino Pro Mini here and looking for advice. Once again, a pulsing red LED power light points me to that conclusion. Power regulation is fine.



Another question:

Should the Tx/Rx pins on the breakout be carrying 5v as well... ? Because they are... ?

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